Of Toys, Tools, and Testimonies

#8 August 28,2021

It came to me as a beautiful toy all shiny, with magic and color.
And out of it hailed such a beckoning call full of love, and assurance, and honor.
It spoke to me of a time long ago, of today or maybe tomorrow.
When a boy full of joy,
Had played with this toy
With no fear of its undying power.
Like the boy full of joy
I played with the toy.
And it filled my days with wonder.
At the stories it told of times long ago, of today, or maybe tomorrow.
Of the men it had helped; of the lives it had saved.
Of the tears it had dried; of the covenant it made;
Of the kingdoms that came and the kingdoms that went
And how wisdom was gained and foolishly spent.
This gossamer gathering, of red, white, and black; of purple, and green, and glisten.
Had the power to save us all.
But I’m just a boy,
And that’s just a toy,
And I knew, no one would listen.

As a man, I took the valiant path, one of strength and skills with my hands. I challenged myself both body and mind, set a path for my life; made a plan.
The plan that I made was to help those of my trade; one day, just as soon as I can.
Then I found the day
And I found the way
And I battled for men and their pay.
My motives were pure
And I had the cure;
Brotherhood that was the way.
The plan I now made was to help those of my trade; and succeed anyway that I can.
Late nights, deliberated,
check the law, arbitrated.
Help a brother find a job.
Chair a meeting; contain a mob.
This contractual gathering of boys, men, and me; of bosses and rules and systems;
Didn’t want what I had to give.
I was a man
I had a good plan
I was heart broke when no one would listen.

It came again as admirable tool, strong and accurate and sharp,
And it called out its name as a portent of change. Tis time I opened my heart.
Choose Him over strife, reconcile my life; reach out to Him, then we start. Grace absolute
I could now perceive truth;
And with it came a solution.
No bondage, I’m free
On the path I can see
A light of complete resolution.
Chose Him over strife, reestablished my life, grasped His hand, then we started.
Humbled myself and chose to obey,
Opened myself, grew closer each day.
Bask in his love, learned of his wisdom
Surrendered to Him, saw the plan, gained His vision
Of the gathering of covenanted, from every direction; who will enter the city forgiven
I must be pure
I’ll follow His plan
As a covenanted man
Praise God I was willing to listen

It lives every day this testimony of life, of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.
It sings from our hearts of the life we could live, making brethren of those who would hear it.
Take heed of the message of grace and goodwill; turn around change our life; and submit:
Reconcile and live
He will forgive.
Choose his name and be given forever.
Share with those great and small
This wonderful call
Reach out and join our endeavor.
Live life by the message of grace and goodwill; turn around change our life; and submit:
Companions with those of one heart and one mind.
Sharing grace and goodwill, touching hearts, being kind.
Living for God and his Heavenly plan
Shout the Word to the world, every place, every man.
Then we’ll gather together in this place blessed by God, every race, every creed , every nation;
And He’ll give all them a gift.
Why it’s a beautiful toy
With a song full of joy,
And together as one we’ll listen.

Open your heart to the message


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